Detroit Lions Own 2nd Overall Defense in the NFL

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The Detroit Lions have a few problems with injuries on the defensive side of the ball, but that didn’t stop them from being the 2nd best defense in the NFL. The Lions’ talented defensive line is leading the way, and Darius Slay is playing great in his second season.

Newly acquired cornerback Danny Gorrer was signed by the Lions because he is already familiar with the defensive scheme that Teryl Austin brought to Detroit. He should be able to fit right in at nickel, and Gorrer reportedly impressed the Lions more than any of the other defensive backs they had worked out with his ball skills.

The Detroit Lions linebackers are also playing great in Teryl Austin’s defense, but they are definitely going to need to defend the pass better. The Lions’ linebackers struggled to contain Carolina’s tight end, Greg Olsen.

The Lions defense has surprised a lot of people, so far. Two games into the 2014 season, they have the number 2 overall defense in the nation.



7 thoughts on “Detroit Lions Own 2nd Overall Defense in the NFL”

  1. 2nd in defense? How was that figured out. Are all the other teams allowing 34 points to zero offense? Just questioning the validity of this statement that they are 2nd?

  2. Sure didn’t help ’em this past Sunday…They made all us Lions fan sportin’ our Lions gear, look downright silly. My kids were mighty thrilled, though, as they sported their Panthers gear !!

  3. The Lions will not play a playoff caliber offense until this Sunday when they host the Packers. Let’s see how they do against Aaron Rodgers & Company…and hope it is not a second straight humiliation.

  4. Being second in defense after 2 weeks is like leading the American League in batting after the first week of the year. The Giants may be the worst team in the NFL so that is a tough game to gauge. If we beat Green Bay 45-42 I could care less about defensive stats.

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