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The 2014 NFL Draft is almost here, and the Detroit Lions have some work to do. Fans are growing weary, and are worried that the season could be lost with a bad draft. A lot rides on the Detroit Lions making a good 1st round draft pick, but just as much could be riding on the 2nd round pick. The 2nd round of the NFL Draft could be the most underrated round, in 2014. The Detroit Lions will be looking to add a valuable starter to their roster, with the 45th overall pick, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to do just that. 

Wide Receivers

  • Kelvin Benjamin 6’5” WR – Florida State. Kelvin Benjamin would be a steal at the 45th overall pick. If the Lions do not pick a WR in the first round, he could be their guy. He is ridiculously huge, and would look great opposite Calvin Johnson. With Golden Tate in the slot, this could be a huge offense. Benjamin is tremendously underrated, and some think he’s a safer pick than Mike Evans.
  • ·         Jordan Mathews 6’3” WR – Vanderbilt. Jordan Mathews is a steal in the 2nd round, and could be a starter for the Detroit Lions, no problem. Although he was better on inside routes during his college career, Mathews has worked hard to get better at creating separation.

  • Davante Adams 6’1” WR – Fresno State. Adams plays much bigger than his 6’1” frame. He boasts a nearly 40” vertical, and a fairly fast 40-yard time of 4.5 seconds. The one downfall with Adams is his speed isn’t quite where it should be.

Defensive Linemen

  • Scott Crichton 6’3” DE – Oregon State. Scott Crichton could be the best fit for the Detroit Lions on DE, after Jadaveon Clowney. He has an imposing presence, great instincts, and can play both the run and pass equally well. The only downside scouts point out in Crichton is that he is built for a 4-3 defense, which does not affect Detroit at all.
  • Timmy Jernigan 6’2” DT – Florida State. Jernigan is a beast on the interior of the D-line, and would be a great fit next to Suh or Fairley. He may even be the guy that could replace Nick Fairley at the end of the season. Jernigan could even be the second best DT in the draft, after Aaron Donald. The one problem; he might not be available with the 45th overall pick. But, if he is available, then it is a no-brainer to take him.
  • Ra’shede Hageman 6’6” DT – Minnesota. This dude is huge. 6’6” and 310 lbs, but Hageman also runs a 4.92 40-time. He is a force to be reckoned with. In college, Hageman had a knack for knocking linemen into the backfield. There is no doubt that Hademan could create havoc for the O-lines of the NFC North.

Defensive Backs

  • Bradley Roby 5’11” CB – Ohio State. Bradley Roby has lightning fast feet, and with a 4.34 40-time, he isn’t going to get burned very often. A lot of scouts compare Roby to the likes of Dennard. He may not be the biggest CB you’ll see this draft, but he’s got some of the best ball skills.
  • Phillip Gaines 6’ CB – Rice. Phillip Gaines has the size and speed to be a top CB on the Detroit Lions. He runs a 40 in 4.3 seconds flat, and has great footwork. The downside to Gaines is that he needs to learn to react to the ball better in the air. He can’t get caught with his back turned to the QB, especially in the NFC North.
  • Stanley Jean-Baptiste 6’3” CB – Nebraska. Jean-Baptiste is huge. He’s not going to get out-jumped on the fade route, when the Lions will be defending the red zone. On the other hand, he is a bit slower than the average WR, and that worries some. That is the only thing keeping Stanley Jean-Baptiste from being a first round pick, however. If he can improve his 40-time and footwork, he will be a beast at the next level.
  • Terrence Brooks 5’11” FS – Florida State. Terrence Brooks is a very talented FS, and could be the third best FS in the entire draft. He will more than likely be available with the 45th overall pick. Brooks has the talent to be an immediate starter on the Detroit Lions, and has been compared to Louis Delmas.

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