Detroit Lions DC Aaron Glenn: ‘Do they feel I’m worthy?’

Aaron Glenn has made it very clear on multiple occasions that his goal is to be the best coordinator the Detroit Lions have ever had.

That's great, but there is no question about it that Glenn should have already had his opportunity to be a great head coach in the NFL.

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Glenn recently attended the NFL's Accelerator Program, where he was able to learn about how to properly prepare for head-coaching interviews and meetings and he was able to interact with some NFL owners he’d never met.

Following the meetings, Glenn did an exclusive interview with Peter King and he said that nothing has changed about him and that he still feels like he is an NFL head coach. The question is, do NFL teams feel he is worthy?

Aaron Glenn knows he is ready to be an NFL head coach

Here is the interview with Peter King of Pro Football Talk.

From FMIA:

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“Me coming to the meeting didn’t change anything about me,” Glenn told me Thursday. “I feel like I am an NFL head coach. How the owners feel, I can’t answer that. The change now has to be: Do they feel I’m worthy?”

FMIA: Your overall reaction to the program?

Aaron Glenn: “A really good experience. Most of these owners grinded to get where they’re at, just like we did as players. There were some very good speakers. I thought [Colts coach] Frank Reich really excited the participants. He was passionate, powerful. The best thing he said was, ‘I don’t have all the answers, but I am going to hire strong people where I am weak. I know my strong points, know my weak points.’ You don’t see many men who admit that. That was good to hear personally.”

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FMIA: How much time did you have with owners, the real decision-makers?

Glenn: “First night, we had a cocktail hour, which was unbelievable. [Atlanta owner] Arthur Blank, [Cleveland’s] Jimmy Haslam, [the Jets’] Woody Johnson, Steven Jones [of the Cowboys], [Buffalo’s Terry] Mr. Pegula. I not only talked to them, but exchanged personal phone numbers. I told my wife, ‘My phone is worth a trillion dollars now.’ Those conversations didn’t have a lot to do with football. Who am I as a person. Who are they as people. I had maybe 40 minutes with Steven Jones, and a lot of what we talked about was who was the best NBA player of all time—LeBron, Kobe or Michael Jordan. I found it amazing, the commonality between me and the majority of these owners on so many things. The only difference is their bank accounts are bigger than mine.”

FMIA: What do they know about you now that they didn’t before the meeting?

Glenn: “I made a point to myself, I’m just going to be myself. If who I am is good enough, fine. I have a great job. I want to be a HC. I feel I deserve to be a HC. If I don’t, then I will have a damn good job with a team and players I love coaching. But now, after this, the question is with the owners.”

Glenn, who is 49, has been coaching in the NFL in some capacity since the 2014 season when he was an assistant defensive backs coach with the Cleveland Browns. Don't be surprised at all if this coming season is his final season as an assistant.

Aaron Glenn moving on to become a head coach would be a huge loss for the Detroit Lions but it is what has to happen.

Why? Because he has earned it.

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