Detroit Lions and Indianapolis Colts get into fight during joint practice [Video]

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Detroit Lions

When it comes to fighting during joint training camp practices, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell made it pretty clear that he would rather that not happen.

Campbell spoke to the media on Monday and he said that early in his career, he learned how to fight during joint practices but by the time he got to Dallas, Bill Parcells made it very clear that fights would not be tolerated.

“You learn how to fight,” Campbell said Monday. “You learned you always get involved, that’s one. And two is you learn you keep your head on a swivel.”

“That was early in my career,” Campbell said of training camp fights. “When I got to Dallas, I remember we were going to practice against the Texans. I remember Coach (Bill) Parcells stood up in front of the room and was like, ‘No fighting. Anybody fights, you’re done.’ And everybody believed it, so we didn’t have one fight and got great work.”

Detroit Lions and Indianapolis Colts get into fight during joint practice

When it comes to joint practices, Dan Campbell knows that joint practices are not about fighting but getting good work with your opponent.

“So we just have to make an emphasis of that. I know they will, we will. We’re not out there to fight. But we’re going to compete and have good work, so I would say most of the experiences I’ve had have been really good. Really good.”

“You want to trust the partner you’re working with, and I have a ton of respect and a really great relationship with Frank Reich and Chris Ballard,” Campbell said. “I’ve known them for a long time, and I just think they do it right, and they’re like we are in terms of, ‘Man, we’re going to do this the right way.’ And we’ll be able to work together and get great work out of this and be smart about what we’re doing, so I think that’s the most important.”

On Wednesday, the Detroit Lions were in Indianapolis for a joint practice with the Colts and a little fight broke out.

Check it out.

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