Detroit Lions: Ben Johnson puts the rest of the NFL on alert

On Sunday, the Detroit Lions racked up 36 points as they defeated the Washington Commanders by a score of 36-27 at Ford Field marking the third game in a row dating back to 2021 that they have scored 35 or more points.

Despite scoring 36 points, Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson does not believe the Lions are clicking on all cylinders.

“We are not hitting our stride, we are not clicking on all cylinders,” Johnson said.

Detroit Lions: Ben Johnson puts the rest of the NFL on alert

Ben Johnson added that three-and-outs have been an issue so far for the Lions’ offense.

“I think it’s a huge issue,” said offensive coordinator Ben Johnson. “I would say, just when you look at the big picture of the game that first game, the way our three-and-outs came about back-to-back-to-back, that did no favors to our defense and really put us in a hole early. This last game, they were kind of staggered more around the halftime area.

“And so, at least our defense didn’t feel the effects of the momentum quite as much and having to be on the field and get drowned out. The onus for me, at least, those first down calls — those need to be efficient plays for us. Whatever direction we go, run, pass, we need efficient plays. As long as we get the first, first down, we feel really good about our chances of going down the field. But you’re right, that’s been our Achilles heel so far is just being able to get that first first down within the series.” 

“I would just say right now we’re just lacking in some details, whether it’s a particular split, particular depth,” said Johnson. “I got to look at myself. Are we teaching it right as coaches right now? Is it too much volume? Those are things that we’re kind of addressing to see how we can make sure we’re accelerating the process. But the good news is, like last week, we were better in the passing game than we were the first week. And we’re looking to make another step here this week.”

As a Detroit Lions fan, hearing Ben Johnson say that one of the highest-scoring offenses in the league is not clicking on all cylinders is music to my ears.

The rest of the NFL had better look at this as a warning!

Written by W.G. Brady

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