Detroit Lions biggest Hall of Fame snub

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When you look back at the history of the Detroit Lions, there really is not very much to be excited about when it comes to great teams but the same cannot be said when it comes to great players.

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Over the years, the Lions have had some outstanding players and 22 of those players ended up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, including their most recent inductee, Calvin Johnson, who was inducted in 2021.

Believe it or not, when Johnson was inducted into the Hall of Fame, he became the first Lions wide receiver ever to do so.

Detroit Lions’ biggest Hall of Fame snub

This gets us to the discussion about which former Detroit Lions player is the franchise’s biggest Hall of Fame snub?

In a piece recently published on Fansided, Mike Phillips gave his opinion on which former Lions great is the team’s biggest HOF snub and he chose WR Herman Moore.

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Here is what Phillips has to say about Moore being the Lions’ biggest Hall of Fame snub.

Notable Hall of Fame Snub: WR Herman Moore

The Lions actually don’t have a ton of notable snubs for the Hall of Fame, a fact that may be due to the fact that the franchise has struggled to make a huge impact on the NFL since the merger. One player who should receive more consideration for Canton is Moore, who was Detroit’s top receiver throughout the 1990s.

Moore was particularly dominant between 1994 and ’97, registering all four of his Pro Bowl and All-Pro appearances while racking up over 1,000 yards per season. The fact that Moore was able to be so productive in an offense headlined by future Hall-of-Famer Barry Sanders in the backfield should give him more consideration since Moore was likely ahead of his time.

Nation, in your opinion, which former Detroit Lions player is most deserving of a Hall of Fame bid?

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Best Lions Teams: 1991
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