Detroit Lions draw high praise from former NFL GM

Don't look now, but the Detroit Lions are quickly becoming the team to watch in 2022.

It seems like every single day, another national media member is bringing up the Lions as a team they believe could surprise a lot of people in 2022, despite finishing with a 3-13-1 record in 2021.

The latest national media member to jump on the bandwagon is former NFL GM, Scott Pioli.

Pioli recently shared his thoughts on which ‘new-look' NFL team he is most interested in seeing and why and named the Lions as that team.

He made it clear that he is not predicting the Lions will go to the Super Bowl but he did suggest that they will “improve dramatically.”

Pioli noted that the players “love and respect and trust” Lions' head coach Dan Campbell and that is “critical.”

Will the Detroit Lions really ‘improve dramatically'?

Ever since the 2021 season concluded and the Lions' opponents for 2022 were released, I predicted that they would be the most improved team (record-wise) in the NFL in 2022.

Now that the 2022 NFL Draft is in the books, I truly believe the Lions can make some noise during the upcoming season.

The defense will be improved (still won't be good) but the offense has a chance to be ranked in the top ten or twelve in the league by the end of the season… if they can remain healthy.

Nation, are you buying the hype surrounding the Lions?