Detroit Lions catch break as Vikings release Inactives list

    When the Detroit Lions take on the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday afternoon, the Lions will be without one of their best defensive players.

    Just moments ago, the Vikings released their Inactives list for today's game against the Lions and as you can see below, multi-time Pro Bowler Harrison Smith has been ruled OUT.

    In addition, CB Andrew Booth is also OUT for today's game.

    This is a nice break for the Lions, who will need all of the help they can get against the Vikings.

    Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell comments on winning on the road

    Earlier in the week, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell talked about picking up a big win in Minnesota.

    “This is something that we have a lot of urgency about,” Campbell said. “This is big. We need to try and set the tempo for ourselves, and it starts on the road, divisional game. Of course it’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be hostile. It shouldn’t be easy. And those guys are going to be ready to go. They’re going to get back to what they do best, and we know that, but man, it goes back to we’ve got to be able handle this pressure on the road.

    “Because that’s really what it comes down to, collectively, when you go on the road. There’s a certain amount of pressure that is applied, and how do we handle that overall? That’s something that we’ve been talking about for a long time now. We are young, but we’ll see where we’re at.”
    “There is something about being on the road and being in that with that group of guys and everybody’s on top of you, and nobody wants you there, nobody wants to see you win or succeed other than your own group,” Campbell said. “There’s nothing better than, man, just honing in on each other and depending on one another, that, ‘Man, you’re going to do your job, I’m going to do mine.’ And when you make a play, the crowd just goes silent. There’s nothing better than that.”
    Nation, do you think the Detroit Lions will pull off a victory over Minnesota Vikings?

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