Detroit Lions could catch multiple breaks in 2019

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I have been on record since the conclusion of the 2019 NFL Draft in saying the Detroit Lions WILL go from worst to first in the NFC North this coming season.

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The roster is much improved since last season and that, coupled with the fact that I do not believe in the Bears, Packers, and Vikings like some do, will be enough to get to 10 wins and a division crown.

That being said, for a team to go from worst to first in a division, that team must have some breaks go their way throughout a season.

Guess what, the Lions just might have a trio of breaks already built into their schedule, as Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reminded us of with the following tweet.

Arizona Cardinals all-world CB Patrick Peterson has already been suspended and will not play in the Lions’ season opener, Chargers RB Melvin Gordon could still be holding out when the Lions take on the Chargers in Week 2, and if Zeke Elliott and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones both stick to their guns, Elliott may not play the entire 2019 season, much less in Week 11 when they play the Lions.

I’ve always said that good teams make their own luck but I have also said a good team should never turn down an advantage when wins or losses are on the line.

That’s exactly what the Lions could be presented with in 2019.