Detroit Lions CB Cam Sutton is building chemistry with his teammates

Cam Sutton spoke to the media on Thursday and he talked about building chemistry with new teammates in the 'high energy' Detroit Lions' secondary.

During the first two open OTA practices, the Detroit Lions‘ secondary has reportedly displayed a new level of competitiveness. The players are showing increased energy and a strong desire to make plays. One significant addition to the secondary this offseason is veteran cornerback Cam Sutton. He has been consistently holding down one of the outside cornerback positions and is impressed by the intensity shown by his defensive teammates.

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Key Points

  • The Lions' new-look secondary showcases heightened competition during OTA practices.
  • Sutton brings experience and consistency to the team.
  • The secondary group exhibits physicality, hunger, and communication.
  • Versatility is a key strength of the secondary, with players capable of playing multiple positions.
  • Building chemistry among the new pieces in the secondary is a priority for Sutton.
  • Time investment, punctuality, and active participation in meetings are emphasized.
  • Encouraging an environment where questions are welcomed fosters growth and learning.

Detroit Lions CB Cam Sutton is building chemistry with his teammates

Sutton highlights the physicality, hunger, and communication within the group, emphasizing the importance of a tenacious mindset on the field. Alongside other newcomers like C.J. Gardner-Johnson, Emmanuel Moseley, and Brian Branch, Sutton adds versatility to the secondary.

“From the defensive side we have a lot of physical guys,” Sutton said. “A lot of hungry guys. Guys who want to get after the ball and make plays on the ball from all different levels. It's a very communicative group, very high energy and you need that tenacity that vicious mindset every time you attack the field.”

“Just putting time in,” he said. “I always tell the guys, ‘never be in a rush to get out the building.' Being early and being on time and taking care of your body throughout the morning. Push through meetings and make sure you get all the details. And always ask questions. No question is a wrong question or bad question. Just opening those guys up to those different things and being a sponge from everything.”

Bottom Line – Energized Defense, Winning Mindset

The emergence of Cam Sutton and the energized Detroit Lions' secondary signify positive developments for the team. The increased competitiveness and desire to make plays create an environment conducive to success. With Sutton's experience and the versatility of the entire secondary unit, the Lions have the foundation to build a strong defense. The focus on chemistry and continuous learning ensures that the group evolves and adapts together. As the Lions progress through OTAs and the mandatory minicamp, their revitalized defense, anchored by Sutton's leadership, holds great promise for the upcoming season. By embracing the tenacious mindset and capitalizing on their collective skills, the Lions' secondary aims to make a significant impact and contribute to the team's overall success.


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