Detroit Lions CB Darius Slay says he wants a new job

So far this season, Detroit Lions CB Darius Slay has not exactly lived up to his “Big Play” nickname.

In fact, in six games, Slay has just one interception, a fumble recovered, and three passes defended.

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While speaking to the media on Wednesday, Slay said he is looking for ways to make more plays.

From Detroit Free Press:

“I got to do something different, maybe punch a ball out or something,” Slay said.

When a reporter asked if returning punts is a possibility, Slay said it’s already in the works and that he would be the greatest of all-time if given the opportunity.

“I’ve been trying to get back there to return punts for the longest,” Slay said. “They be hating on me. Yeah, I’m the G.O.A.T. back there.”

“I got tubs” — touchdowns — “from juco all day,” Slay said. “Google me.”

“Put it like that,” Slay said. “I might have lost my return skills since I ain’t been having the ball in my hands so much. I was used to having the ball in my hands a lot. Now, I probably done lost a little step, my agility, but I’ll get it back.”

In reality, there is almost zero chance that Slay will ever return punts or kicks of any kind, but it is nice to hear that he is willing to do whatever it takes to make plays for the Lions.



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