Detroit Lions coach Aubrey Pleasant comments on Week 1 sideline situation with Jeff Okudah

If you remember back to Week 1 of the 2021 regular season, you certainly remember Detroit Lions DBs coach Aubrey Pleasant ripping CB Jeff Okudah a new one on the sideline after Okudah failed to do his job.

On Friday, Pleasant met with the media and he addressed that situation.

“I learned that you don’t be clickbait,” he said. “Perception is reality at times. I also learned that I communicate very well and sometimes I don’t always have to do it in that nature.”

“I hope you guys do understand that what I perceive to be is who I really am. There’s nothing that’s fraud or fake about it. The reason that I’m able to coach that hard is because of the relationships that I have.”

Nation, do you have a problem with how Pleasant went at Okudah or should he tone it down a bit?

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