Detroit Lions coach reveals why Matthew Stafford balls out in fourth quarter

On Sunday, Matthew Stafford did something he has done many times before as he lead the Detroit Lions offense on what turned out to be the game-winning drive. In fact, since entering the league, no quarterback has led as many fourth-quarter comebacks (29) as Stafford has.

So, how does Stafford do it?

On Tuesday, Lions’ quarterbacks’ coach Sean Ryan revealed they Stafford is able to lead so many fourth-quarter comebacks.

“First off, it’s preparation,” Ryan explained to SI All Lions on Tuesday. “He worked so hard throughout the week through film study and just getting to know our opponents. And then taking it from the mental side of it in the classroom out to the field and working on a Thursday afternoon in two-minute. He’s played that scenario out and the different things that can happen and what would happen. He’s done that throughout the week and obviously throughout his career and he’s just ready for those moments.”

Ryan added, “He’s got that competitor attitude where he wants that ball at the end of the game and wants to have that partly on him to make those plays. And I think all those things combined. But for me, it’s the preparation that prepares him for that. He’s been through this scenario 100 times in his mind before it actually happens on Sunday afternoon.”

Moving forward, let’s hope Stafford has leads going into the fourth quarter and he and his teammates are able to hold on for victories.

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