Detroit Lions compared to World Cup bottom-feeder

Today, at 11:00 a.m. ET, the 2022 World Cup will kick off when the host team Qatar takes on Ecuador in a Group A matchup. As far as the USA goes, they will play their first WC game on Monday at 2:00 p.m. ET when they square off against Wales in a Group B matchup. On Saturday, Fox Sports writers Doug McIntyre and David Helman combined to write an article in which they compare NFL teams to World Cup soccer teams. As far as the Detroit Lions go, they were compared to a soccer bottom-feeder.

Detroit Lions World Cup

Which World Cup team are the Detroit Lions compared to?

According to Doug McIntyre and David Helman, the Lions are Cameroon, who is +25000 to win the Cup.

From FOX Sports:

Cameroon's profile: The wonderfully nicknamed Indomitable Lions are back after a one-tournament absence. Qatar marks Cameroon's seventh WC appearance since 1990, but they've yet to duplicate the runaway success they enjoyed that year, when Cameroon became the first African team to reach the quarterfinals. They haven't survived group play since.

Why the Lions? A team named the Lions, which hasn't made a run since 1990 and also shares a group with a couple of consistent powers. Yup, Cameroon is the Lions. That feels harsh, especially since the Indomitable Lions have been more successful than the regular Lions just by virtue of qualifying for the WC. Still, it's equally unlikely that either team comes away with any hardware.

To be fair, this is probably a pretty spot-on comparison considering the Lions never win anything. That being said, just wait until the 2026 World Cup rolls around! At that point, we will be comparing the Lions to Brazil!

Nation, which World Cup team would you compare the Lions to?

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