Detroit Lions Considering New Position for Alim McNeill

The Detroit Lions could play Alim McNeill on Offense

While speaking to the media on Wednesday, Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell revealed that there might be a unique shift on the horizon for defensive tackle Alim McNeill. Known for his defensive prowess, McNeill is being considered for snaps as a fullback, a role that demands vigorous run-blocking skills. This move is spurred by the Lions’ need to innovate offensively as they currently lack a true fullback on the roster.

“Mac can do it, it’s just a matter of do you want to do that?” Campbell disclosed. He added, “He can do it, it’s just, alright, how many plays you just play on this last drive? Does he have his energy back to run out there at fullback? We’ve talked about it for a while, so you never know. We could throw him out there.”

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Strategic Adjustments and Team Adaptations

The Lions’ fullback situation last season was anything but stable, with injuries forcing makeshift solutions within Ben Johnson’s offensive strategy. The absence of a designated fullback led to linebackers and other team members occasionally filling the role. As the team progresses through their mandatory minicamp, coach Campbell and his staff are keenly exploring all potential candidates, including McNeill, to solidify this position.

“We like a fullback if it makes worth, and it’s someone who can help us at that position and can dictate to the defense,” Campbell explains. He emphasizes the strategic advantage of having a robust fullback that can steer the defensive alignment according to the team’s offensive needs.

Exploring Alternative Solutions

As alternatives, the Lions are also considering utilizing one of their numerous tight ends for the fullback position. This flexibility indicates the team’s adaptive strategy to personnel usage, aiming to maximize the potential of their roster without being constrained by traditional positional roles.

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TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Alim McNeill’s potential shift to fullback reflects the Lions’ innovative offensive approach.
  2. The team is exploring multiple options, including using tight ends as fullbacks, to fill the position.
  3. Injuries during minicamp have posed challenges, but the team remains focused on strategic adjustments.

The Bottom Line

As the Lions continue to adjust and evaluate their roster, the potential position shift for Alim McNeill from defensive tackle to fullback underscores a broader theme of adaptability and strategic foresight within the team’s approach to the coming NFL season.

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