Detroit Lions cost of trading for Quinnen Williams

Heading into the offseason, there was no question in my mind that the Detroit Lions would add an ultra-talented interior defensive lineman to sure up a run defense that left much to be desired during the 2022 season. That being said, there is one player who is seemingly available via a trade that many Lions fans are begging GM Brad Holmes to acquire. That player is New York Jets DL, Quinnen Williams.

Quinnen Williams Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • The Lions did not address their need for an interior defensive lineman in the 2023 NFL Draft.
  • Many fans are urging GM Brad Holmes to trade for New York Jets DL Quinnen Williams.
  • Acquiring Williams would immediately bolster the Lions' defensive line, but it would come at a significant cost.
  • Trading for Williams would likely require giving up future first-round picks and additional Day 2 picks.
  • Williams' reported salary demands of $23.5 million per season make the trade even more financially burdensome.
  • Despite the Lions' improved outlook, the author believes they are not one player away from winning the Super Bowl.
  • Sacrificing draft capital and committing to a high-priced contract for Williams may not align with the team's best interests.

The draft is over and the Lions still have not made a move

I believed the Lions would add a stud defensive lineman via the 2023 NFL Draft. But, as we now know, the Lions waited until the third round to grab an interior defensive lineman, when they selected Brodric Martin out of Western Kentucky. Martin, in my opinion, is a project-type player, and it will likely take a couple of years before he makes a real impact. Many believe the Lions' “Super Bowl Window” has already opened, and that they don't have time to wait for Martin to develop into a dominant player. Of course, it is no guarantee that Martin ever developed into a solid player at all. (I think he will)

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Quinnen Williams would help the Detroit Lions, but at what cost?

First of all, let's get something straight. In a vacuum, Williams would immediately solidify the Lions' defensive line. In fact, by trading for the All-Pro defensive tackle, the Lions' defensive line would immediately be talked about as one of the best in the league. But, at what cost would that come?

My belief is that if the Lions wanted to trade for Williams, they would have to give up their first-round picks in 2024 and 2025, along with at least a couple of Day 2 picks in those years. But that is just the beginning. If the Lions were to make the trade, they would do so knowing they would likely have to make Williams one of the highest-paid defensive tackles in the NFL. In fact, there are reports that Williams wants around $23.5 million per season, which is an insane amount to pay for a defensive tackle.

Bottom Line: It's not happening

Folks, when it comes to the 2023 Detroit Lions, you will not find too many people higher on them than I am. I have already predicted that they will win the NFC North AND two playoff games, which would be an amazing thing considering they were 1-6 in their first seven games of the 2022 season. That being said, I don't believe the Lions are a Quinnen Williams away from WINNING the Super Bowl, and though I still think they need an elite defensive tackle, giving up a ton of draft capital AND paying Williams $23.5 million per season is not in the team's best interest.

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