Detroit Lions: Dan Campbell explains why winning in preseason matters

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell does not care if it is the preseason. Winning always matters to him.

During the week, Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions were in Indiana for joint practices and then eventually a preseason matchup against the Indianapolis Colts.

At Wednesday's practice, the Colts reportedly dominated the Lions for most of the day with one person saying it looked like the Colts were doing a layup drill. But the Lions were not about to go quietly into the night (or the afternoon in this case) and they bounced back with some good reps to end the day.

For the remainder of the week, including during Saturday's preseason game, it was the Lions who had the upper hand against what should be a very good Colts team in 2022.

Detroit Lions: Dan Campbell explains why winning in preseason matters

Following the Detroit Lions' 27-26 win over the Indianapolis Colts, Dan Campbell spoke to the media about why winning in the preseason matter to him.

“It’s important. It’s very important,” Campbell said. “And especially with a young team and just where we’ve been, where we’re coming from and where we began to go at the end of the season. Man, it’s got to be part of our DNA, it’s got to become part of who we are and we have to embrace every moment and treat it like it’s your last moment. Because if you don’t and you just kind of accept it, then you’ll just be average or above average and that’s not good enough in this league.”

The win was Campbell's first preseason win with the Lions since coming to the team in 2021 and if it is up to him, there will be a lot more wins coming soon.

Nation, do you agree with Dan Campbell that winning in the preseason is important for a team like the Detroit Lions?



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