Detroit Lions DC Aaron Glenn has high expectations for Josh Paschal

Detroit Lions DL Josh Paschal‘s rookie year in the NFL faced setbacks, but defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn still has high expectations for him. It wasn't until the sixth game of the season that Paschal made his debut for the Lions. Despite limited playing time, Paschal showcased glimpses of his potential, recording two sacks, 16 tackles, and two tackles for loss over 10 games. Glenn believes Paschal's recovery and dedicated training will elevate his performance, emphasizing high expectations for the young talent.

Josh Paschal Aaron Glenn Detroit Tigers

Key Points

  • Paschal, a second-round pick (No. 46 overall) in the 2022 NFL Draft, experienced a challenging start to his professional career due to injury.
  • Limited playing time and disrupted practice sessions hindered Paschal's development during his rookie season.
  • Glenn expresses confidence in Paschal's abilities, highlighting his dedication during recovery and training.
  • Glenn expects Paschal to fulfill his potential and contribute significantly to the Lions‘ defense.
  • The notion of adding a veteran edge rusher to complement Aidan Hutchinson has been circulating, but Paschal's improved health positions him to secure a starting role.
  • Paschal's recovery progress and increased playing time are crucial factors that may determine his ability to capitalize on the opportunity and excel on the field.

Detroit Lions DC Aaron Glenn has high expectations for Josh Paschal

Here’s what Glenn had to say about Paschal prior to Thursday’s OTAs.

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“I mean this is a guy, when you think about his path, like he really didn’t get a chance to have an OTA last year because he was injured. He really didn’t have much of a training camp because he was injured. I think he only played eight games, if I’m correct. So, we’re expecting that player to be the player that we drafted in the second round and actually end up improving because he’s had this time to be in the training room to work with our strength staff, to work with our coach and understand exactly what we need out of him, so absolutely I feel like this player is going to be a good player for us.”

Bottom Line – Paschal's path to success

As the upcoming season approaches, all eyes will be on Paschal, eager to witness his growth and contributions. The Lions' decision to invest in Paschal as a second-round pick speaks to their belief in his abilities. If he can capitalize on his improved health and training, Paschal has the opportunity to exceed expectations and become a key asset in the Lions' pursuit of success.

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