Detroit Lions DE Trey Flowers speaks out against former players ripping Matt Patricia

As of late, there have been a couple of former Detroit Lions players who have called out their former head coach, Matt Patricia.

Both Glover Quin and Hakeem Valles recently had some negative things to say about Patricia and the culture he has brought to the Lions’ organization.

On Friday, Lions defensive end Trey Flowers shared his thoughts on Patricia and it is clear that he has his back.

From Sports Illustrated:

“I know where he (Patricia) came from, and I understand his style,” Flowers commented. “It’s kind of one of those deals … it could be considered tough love. Somebody taught me to pay attention to the message and not how it’s delivered.” 

Flowers added, “Everybody’s different in how they express themselves. For me, I understand his passion, the type of attitude that he has, his expectations and his standards. That standard of excellence … that is him all the way. How much he puts into it. How much sacrifice he has put into it. For me, I understand that.”

Flowers also stated that while Patricia has his own style of coaching, he does indeed care heavily about his players, and shows it. 

“He wants to have that personal connection,” Flowers said. “He will ask about family. He definitely cares, and he definitely shows that he cares. Yes, definitely he is the right guy to lead here.” 

Written by Arnold Powell


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