Detroit Lions are dead-last by a mile in ultra-important defensive stat

This is 2019 and though some will still tell you that winning football games is all about running the ball and stopping the run, that is just not the case.

The NFL, as it is now, is a passing league and it has been for a while.

Because of that, it is extremely important not only to have a legit passing attack but also to stop your opponent from tossing the ball all over the field at will. (Like the Vikings just did to the Lions this past week)

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That being said, the best way to wreak havoc on a passing attack is to rush the passer effectively.

If you have watched the Lions in 2019, you have seen opposing signal-callers sit in the pocket comfortably before hitting an open receiver.

According to ESPN, the Detroit Lions are dead last when it comes to “Team Pass Rush Win Rate.”

In fact, the Lions TPRWR through Week 7 is only 24%, which is lower than the awful Miami Dolphins, who sit at 34%

Here is the full list, via ESPN.

Team Pass Rush Win Rate

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 60%
2. Baltimore Ravens, 56%
3. Philadelphia Eagles, 55%
4. Dallas Cowboys, 55%
5. Jacksonville Jaguars, 50%
6. Los Angeles Rams, 50%
7. Atlanta Falcons, 49%
8. Pittsburgh Steelers, 48%
9. Green Bay Packers, 48%
10. Buffalo Bills, 47%
11. Arizona Cardinals, 47%
12. Chicago Bears, 47%
13. Cleveland Browns, 46%
14. New York Jets, 46%
15. San Francisco 49ers, 46%
16. Houston Texans, 45%
17. Indianapolis Colts, 44%
18. Washington Redskins, 44%
19. Los Angeles Chargers, 44%
20. Seattle Seahawks, 41%
21. Carolina Panthers, 41%
22. Tennessee Titans, 41%
23. New Orleans Saints, 41%
24. New England Patriots, 39%
25. New York Giants, 38%
26. Minnesota Vikings, 38%
27. Cincinnati Bengals, 37%
28. Kansas City Chiefs, 36%
29. Denver Broncos, 36%
30. Oakland Raiders, 36%
31. Miami Dolphins, 31%
32. Detroit Lions, 24%

If you want to know more about the Team Pass Rush Win Rate stat, please click here.

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