Did Jim Caldwell just expose Matt Patricia on Adam Schefter’s podcast?

When it comes to current or former Detroit Lions‘ head coaches, there have never been two that are more different from each other than Matt Patricia and Jim Caldwell.

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Caldwell was a players’ coach who led by example. His players loved him and they played hard for him every single game. Patricia, on the other hand, reportedly led with an iron fist, causing many of his players to dislike him.

On the most recent episode of Adam Schefter’s podcast, Caldwell was asked what he could still bring to a team as a head coach and as noted by Kyle Meinke, there may be some reading between the lines that need to be addressed.

Nation, read what Caldwell had to say to Schefter and you decide if he was specifically taking a shot at Patricia.


Now, Caldwell is one of the classiest individuals in NFL history and it is not his character to ever call out anyone by name, but that being said, I am pretty confident that Patricia was on his mind during his response.

Well, what do you think?

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