Detroit Lions discussing uniform change for 2022

The Detroit Lions will be eligible to make changes to their uniforms following the 2021 season and team president Rod Wood said there has already been some discussion on that matter.

During Wood’s press conference this week, he noted that a potential uniform change is something that is on his mind, specifically bringing up the Lions’ current Color Rush uniforms.

From Lions Wire:

“Given some thoughts to that. You’re right, we’re coming up on the window of when we could make some changes,” Wood said on his Zoom session. “I haven’t really gone into the design phase yet, but that’s certainly something that once the window opens up, we’ll probably take a step back and look at the current roster that we have and the changes we want to make. Do we continue with the color rush, etc? It’s on my mind, but nothing official.”

Nation, what changes would you like to see for the Lions uniforms?

What do you think?

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  1. Please take off WCF makes me and I’m sure majority of the fan base sick…. Terrible ownership period hopeful daughter Shelia can turn things around. MCDC faith.
    I’d prefer 90s Barry Sanders with style with old school lion symbol on arms instead of stripes. Go Lions. Blue/blue, blue silver home, white white, white silver, white blue away …

  2. Add WHITE – similar to the Barry era. Use a more lively silver. Font is fine but numbers could be larger. No circus letters! Incorporate black only in the shoes and gloves. For subtle design enhancements, see the Seahawks uniforms. If going for clean and simple, see what the Browns and Jaguars have done.

  3. Lions need to just keep it simple and update the Barry Sanders uniforms from the 90s as those were great uniforms that just needs a little tweak to modernize it here and there. I’d like shinier silver pants back too like the Cowboys and Raiders have right now. We have way too much mixing and matching as we need to keep it simple with blue/silver for home games and then on the road the white/silver or white/blue combination. Then add a Thanksgiving uniform. The Browns and Bucs bought back their old uniforms to great reviews.

    • They need to go back to the Barry Sanders style of uniforms with the exception of the logo on the helmets and their current color. The new color is great and the new lions logo is also great. The NFL style stripes with white in the middle of the blue like they used to have looked great-same with the stripes on the pants and jerseys. They HAD one of the best looking uniforms in the league. I few tweakes was all that was needed. As for the throwbacks, they should look at the uniforms they wore on Thanksgiving Day in 1962 and use those. That would be awesome! Burn the all grey ones and never wear those again. They are hideous!!

      • I agree we need to go back to the Barry Sanders style uniforms, I think most of the fanbase prefers those uniforms to be back. We mix and match way too much these days. I’d like to just keep it simple blue/silver and then on the road white/silver or white/blue and add some throwbacks for Thanksgiving or homecoming weekends.

  4. Really the Lions are worried about the color of their uniforms. How about getting quality players, staff, starting with the owners. The Ford family has had way too many years to field a team that can compete. Sell the team, new blood is needed.

  5. Go back to the old school block font for numbers, and perhaps darken the blue? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems the blue has gotten lighter in recent years. The one thing I hope they don’t change, is the fact that the helmets now are actually silver. Don’t go back to the dull grey.

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