Detroit Lions don’t expect Calvin Johnson to come out of retirement

There are a few fans out there holding on to the hope that Calvin Johnson may decide to come out of retirement. Detroit Lions GM Bob Quinn isn’t one of those people.

“I don’t see that happening.” said Quinn

CalvinJohnson retired in March, after nine NFL seasons, and since then he has not given any indication that he’ll attempt to play football again.

“We haven’t even thought about that because the discussions we had with Calvin leading up to his decision, the way we left it was there was no talk about him even considering coming back,” Quinn said. “So haven’t even gone that far.”

The Lions are counting on new signing Marvin Jones and current receiver Golden Tate to lead the way. Jeremy Kerley and TJ Jones are among others who are expected to play roles on the offense.

“In free agency, we went out and signed, in my opinion, the best receiver on the market in Marvin Jones,” Quinn said. “So I think, I’ve said this before, not one player can replace Calvin. I think that he’s a Hall of Fame player, first ballot, in my opinion, and we can’t ask one player to replace him. So it’s going to be a group of guys between Marvin, Golden Tate, Jeremy Kerley and a bunch of other guys that we have on the roster right now to come in and compete for those roles. We’re going to have five or six receivers on the roster come the season and they all have to contribute.”


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