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Detroit Lions Draft: Rashan Gary vs. Greedy Williams

#2 Seed: Rashan Gary EDGE, Michigan

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Hands.  Maybe that sounds odd that I’m starting with that, but it’s Gary’s best trait.  His ability to hand-fight at the point of attack and literally throw linemen out of his way can’t be overstated.  Few players show as much polish as Gary does in this area and the fact that he’s already at an elite level puts him far ahead of the competition.

Gary shows excellent quickness for a man of his stature has a great inside move against both ball-carriers and quarterbacks.  He has superb closing speed to finish plays with a flourish.  His violent hit-power can knock balls loose and cause fumbles.


Consistency.  Gary disappeared at times during games.  When his motor is running, he operates at full speed, but he appears to take plays off.

Rashan lacks flexibility and doesn’t have much bend.  He relies more on strength and his ability to fight at the point of attack, but he lacks true elite speed.  Change of direction is also a problem.  He can be pulled out of position by a ball-carrier and lacks the fluidity to recover in time.

#3 Seed: Greedy Williams CB, LSU

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Just about everything.

Greedy is a fantastic man-coverage cornerback.  This skill would come in particularly handy for the Lions who want to run a lot of 3-4 schemes and bring pressure.  Having a corner who can stay with a receiver in man is essential.

Williams has the speed to stay with any receiver on long routes and is at their hip going across the middle.  He still needs to improve in zone coverage, but he has all the skills to dominate in that scheme as well.


He’s not good in run support.  Williams lacks the size to help out in the run, and his tackling is…well, interesting is probably the nicest way I can describe it.  Footwork is the biggest issue here, and he doesn’t square up for tackles.

This issue could be addressed with some good coaching and Greedy adding some strength to his frame.

The Pick

I suppose a 2 vs. 3 matchup is supposed to be tough and this one definitely is. Both represent areas of need for the Lions, although they have addressed corner a little in the off-season. Still, adding Greedy to pair with Darius Slay would allow Justin Coleman and Rashaan Melvin to play on nickel and dime schemes. This would give the Lions a nice array of corners.

Add to that the fact that Greedy Williams is unlikely to be drafted until towards the end of round one. This would allow the Lions to trade down and still get him.

Gary, on the other hand, will probably go a couple of spots before the Lions draft. Anywhere from five to seven. It might not take much to trade up a spot or two, but it would cost something. EDGE is a massive need for the Lions, even more than a cornerback, and that’s what tips this to Gary.

Throw in a mid-round pick for next year and move up to six to grab Gary if he’s there.

Enough of my prattling though, let’s hear from you. Vote in the poll!

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