Detroit Lions DT Nick Fairley Officially Second Team

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The Detroit Lions have more problems with their talented, but problematic, defensive tackle Nick Fairley. What is going on with Nick Fairley? Nobody really knows much, and Jim Caldwell has not been saying much. Caldwell did finally address the Fairley situation to the media, though. “He’s second team,” was his response.

The Lions quickly shot down the Nick Fairley demotion, at first. They did not admit to the demotion, although reports were surfacing that he was practicing with the second team. Jim Caldwell told the media not to read too much into the fact that Fairley was practicing with the second team. Nick Fairley did indeed play with the second team defensive line against the Oakland Raiders, and it seems that Jim Caldwell is finally ready address the elephant in the locker room. Nick Fairley is no longer a starting defensive tackle.

Nick Fairley is a very talented football player. A lot of the media thought highly of him in the beginning of training camp. In fact, I asked Mike O’Hara if Fairley was going to be able to use the negative publicity as inspiration, and he said that Fairley should be able to turn the tables with his tremendous athletic ability. A few months later, that has not been the case.

Fairley has failed to convert his talent and athleticism into positive production, and many are questioning his future in the Detroit Lions organization. With the Lions not exercising Fairley’s 5th year player option, it was supposed to be time for Nick to show the world his critics were wrong. Instead, he is on his way to proving them right. Nick Fairley may be on his way out of Detroit.

Inconsistency has been the biggest storyline of the career of the former first first round draft pick. Fairley just has not been able to produce, and that says a lot considering he plays next to one of the best defensive tackles in the game. Nick Fairley played with the second team defensive line in the Detroit Lions second preseason game, against the Oakland Raiders. It looks like that trend is set to continue into what is known as the biggest dress rehearsal of the preseason; the Lions’ third preseason contest against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Nick Fairley is entering a contract season, and more than likely someone is going to be playing him to play football. However, the odds are not looking good that that team will be the Detroit Lions. C.J. Mosley has taken over Fairley’s  spot, for now.

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