Detroit Lions EDGE James Houston has lofty goal for 2023

If Detroit Lions EDGE James Houston can pull this off, he may be headed to the Pro Bowl.

Detroit Lions‘ rising star, James Houston, made a spectacular entrance in the 2022 season, capturing the attention of fans and analysts alike. As a sixth-round pick, Houston amazed everyone as he accumulated a remarkable eight sacks during his rookie campaign. During a recent interview, Houston shared his ambitious aspirations for the upcoming season.

James Houston Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Houston emerged as a standout player in the 2022 season.
  • Houston accumulated a total of eight sacks in his rookie campaign.
  • In a recent interview, Houston expressed his desire to expand his role and surpass his previous achievements.
  • He aims to double his sack total for the upcoming season, setting a lofty goal for himself.

Detroit Lions EDGE James Houston has lofty goal for 2023

Fueled by his exceptional performance and record-breaking achievements, Houston aims to elevate his game to new heights. He seeks to not only replicate his previous sack total but to double it, envisioning a dream season ahead.

“My role is majority pass rush and getting sacks,” Houston said. “I just want to expand on that. Anything else they give me, I’ll be super happy, super blessed, and fortunate. But you know, what I did was extraordinary. I set NFL records. So, I honestly just want to continue to build on that. I want to double up my sack total. If I could get that this year, that would be my dream.”

Bottom Line – A Dream Season in the Making?

As the 2023 season approaches, James Houston's unwavering determination and hunger for success set the stage for a thrilling journey. The young edge rusher's exceptional performance in his rookie year, coupled with his record-breaking achievements, has positioned him as a player to watch. Houston's goal to double his sack total demonstrates his relentless pursuit of greatness and his desire to leave an indelible mark on the NFL. If he can fulfill his ambitious vision, he will not only solidify his status as a dominant force but also contribute significantly to the success of the Detroit Lions. All eyes will be on James Houston as he embarks on his quest to outshine his remarkable rookie season and make his dreams a reality.