Detroit Lions fans go nuts at Lambeau Field as Seahawks miss FG

    Heading into Sunday's Week 18 games, the Detroit Lions' path to the NFL Playoffs was very simple. First, they needed the Seattle Seahawks to lose to the Los Angeles Rams, and second, they had to beat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football. Well, just moments ago, the Seahawks had a chance to beat the Rams on a last-second field goal but Seahawks K Jason Meyers choked.

    Detroit Lions Rooting Guide

    How did Detroit Lions fans react to the miss?

    Meyers had only missed two field goal attempts all year long, but he just missed a huge one that would have won the game for the Seahawks, effectively eliminating the Lions from the playoffs.

    According to Lions reporter Tim Twentyman, Lions fans went nuts at Lambeau Field as Meyers doinked the ball off the right goal post.

    The game is currently in overtime and the Seahawks are currently punting to the Rams.

    We are still alive!

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