Detroit Lions fans react to loss to Seattle Seahawks, and they arent happy

Well, that was something, wasn't it? The Detroit Lions lose spectacularly to the Seattle Seahawks, and it wasn't for a lack of offensive production; at 48-45, this was the highest-scoring NFL game this season.

The Detroit Lions' defense couldn't seem to find its way this Sunday, causing Twitter to go mad and point its ire at Defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn.

This is not a new story to Detroit Lions fans. Living in Detroit and watching the Lions week in and week out find new and creative ways to lose is a right of passage, but it doesn't make it easy when the team puts up 45 points and still loses.

Check out the polarized reactions to the game as the Lions fought their way through to defeat.

Special shoutout to Broseph0801 for the following meme that captures today perfectly.

Watching Detroit Lions fans react to a Detroit Lions game is like watching a soap opera

Detroit Lions fall to Seattle Seahawks 48-45 – Box Score

detroit lions fans
detroit lions fans
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