Detroit Lions free agency: 3 QBs to back up Jared Goff

Prior to the 2022 regular season, the Detroit Lions had a backup quarterback battle between Tim Boyle and David Blough. At that time, plenty of people said that if Jared Goff goes down with an injury, the Lions could crap out of luck as neither Boyle nor Blough was capable of carrying a team when the starter gets hurt. Of course, the Lions ended up cutting both of those quarterbacks and decided to sign Nate Sudfeld to back up Goff During a recent interview, GM Brad Holmes told reporters that he would not make that same mistake again and that he would make sure to address the Lions' backup QB spot during the offseason. Here are a few QBs the Lions could bring in to back up Goff.

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Key Points

  • Tim Boyle and David Blough were the backup quarterbacks for the Detroit Lions before the 2022 regular season, and many people doubted their abilities to carry the team if Jared Goff were to get injured.
  • The Lions cut Boyle and Blough and signed Nate Sudfeld as Goff's backup, but GM Brad Holmes has admitted that they made a mistake and did not adequately address the backup QB spot.
  • The Lions will be looking to address their backup QB position during the offseason and have several options available to them.

Detroit Lions free agency: 3 QBs to back up Jared Goff

Here are three free-agent quarterbacks the Lions could sign to back up Goff during the 2023 season.

Jacoby Brissett – Cleveland Browns

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Despite his impressive performance as the interim quarterback for the Browns in 2022, Jacoby Brissett often goes uncredited for his solid play over the first 11 games. With a passing grade of 75.2, he ranked 12th among quarterbacks who had attempted at least 100 passes that season and also ranked in the top 10 for big-time throw rate (4.9%). If he doesn't get an opportunity as a starting quarterback, Brissett is likely to continue being one of the highest-paid backup quarterbacks in the NFL.

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Teddy Bridgewater – Miami Dolphins

With a career record of 33-32 as a starting quarterback, Bridgewater has earned seven game-winning drives, two of which were achieved while working under current Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell during his tenure as an assistant with the New Orleans Saints in 2019. In 2021, Bridgewater recorded a 94.4 passer rating on third downs during his 14 starts with the Denver Broncos, and his career third-down passing statistics include a 65.2% completion rate, 24 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions.

Andy Dalton – New Orleans Saints

Andy Dalton, who is 35, stands out as the most seasoned backup quarterback in the current market. He has previously played for various teams including the Cincinnati Bengals, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, and, most recently with the New Orleans Saints. In 2021, Dalton started 14 games for the Saints and finished with a record of 6-8. Dalton is a solid option for the Lions just in case Goff goes down with an injury at any point in the season.

Bottom Line: Detroit Lions MUST address the backup QB spot

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The Detroit Lions faced a major problem last season when they lacked a reliable backup quarterback behind starter Jared Goff. GM Brad Holmes recently admitted that they made a mistake by not addressing the backup QB spot earlier and promised to fix the issue this offseason. The Lions have been linked with several free-agent quarterbacks who could serve as a backup to Goff, including Jacoby Brissett, Teddy Bridgewater, and Andy Dalton. While Brissett and Bridgewater have proven themselves as capable starters in the past, Dalton brings a wealth of experience to the table, making him a reliable option in case Goff suffers an injury. It's clear that the Lions are committed to ensuring that they have a solid backup quarterback in place, and with these three options, they'll have plenty to choose from.

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