Are the Detroit Lions freeing up money to make a HUGE splash?



On Tuesday, the Detroit Lions made a couple of roster moves that despite being unexpected, really did not shift the needle much. Those moves, in case you missed them, were releasing backup QB Josh Johnson and RB C.J. Anderson.

Johnson was replaced with former Cincinnati Bengals QB Jeff Driskel while Anderson was replaced with former New York Giants RB Paul Perkins.

After thinking a bit deeper about why the Lions made the two roster moves, a question came to my mind.

Could the Lions possibly be trying to free up money to make a HUGE splash?

Though the Lions did not free up a ton of money by swapping Johnson and Anderson for Driskel and Perkins, they did manage to add some money to their cap space.

Johnson ($1.03 million) and Anderson ($1.325 million) previously counted as a combined $2.355 cap hit.

Driskel ($635,294) and Perkins ($635,295), on the other hand, only count for a combined $1,270,589 against the cap for a savings of $1,084,411.

Now, on the surface, these roster moves may not seem like a big deal but they do seem a bit odd and there could be a deeper meaning to them.

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