Detroit Lions future head coach Dan Campbell motivates rookie after he gets lazy [Video]

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According to a report from Jay Glazer, New Orleans Saints assistant head coach/TE coach Dan Campbell will be hired by the Detroit Lions to be their next head coach. The move will reportedly be made once the Saints are eliminated from the NFL Playoffs.

To give you a little taste of what Campbell is like as a coach, here is some video from 2012 of him reaming out Miami Dolphins rookie TE Michael Egnew after he got lazy and did not block on a play during a preseason game against the Carolina Panthers.

As you can see, Campbell is pissed that Egnew did not do his job and he let him know it. But you will also see that Campbell then circled back to the rookie to lift him up and let him know what he wants to see moving forward. Egnew listened to his coach’s and then did his job correctly the next time he had a chance.

Check it out.

Time will tell if Campbell will be a good head coach in the NFL, but by all accounts, his players will run through a wall for him.