Detroit Lions GM Bob Quinn: “We didn’t finish”

Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn met with media members for his end-of-season press conference, where he touched on a number of issues facing the team as they head into a longer than anticipated offseason.

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“Obviously when a season goes this way there's a lot of conversations about staff, players, wins, losses, and injuries,” he started out. “Martha Ford's and her family's thoughts and questions are very insightful, and there was good conversation on more than a weekly basis on everything that's gone on here.”

“Bottom line for our season, and I’m going to say this word a lot, we didn’t finish….We need to win next year. I understand that.”

The Lions finished with a 3-12-1 record, and despite leading in several of their games, they weren't able to ultimately pull out a winning effort most games. However, Quinn said that he wouldn't be making excuses.

“I'm never going to make excuses. The fans deserve answers,” he said.

But immediately afterwards, Quinn started mentioning injuries.

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“We have 16 guys on IR,” he said. “That's a lot.”

In regards to Darius Slay, Quinn declined to comment on his contract situation.

“I won't talk about anybody's contract status,” he said. “Never have, never will. Thats between us the players representative.”

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Not surprisingly, Quinn was asked about the maligned Quandre Diggs trade, a move that he continues to defend.

The trade was “the best thing for the football team at that time,” Quinn said.

Quinn was also asked if he's given any edicts to Matt Patricia to make any changes to the coaching staff.

“Matt has full authority on his coaching staff, so I have not,” he said.

Quinn then said that the win-now mantra won't have an impact on his decision making this offseason.

“You always have to have your lens on the short term and the long term and that’s not going to change,” he said.

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