Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes’ best off-season move so far

Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes has been hard at work during the off-season, and it's time to shine a spotlight on his most significant move thus far. With Organized Team Activities (OTAs) in full swing in Allen Park, it's crucial to examine the decision that could reshape the Lions' future.

Brad Holmes Sam LaPorta Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Brad Holmes' best off-season move: Signing David Montgomery
  • Fans' surprise and speculation surrounding Jamaal Williams' potential departure
  • Montgomery as the pivot point in negotiations with Williams
  • Williams' public criticism and its impact on team culture
  • The shine of signing Montgomery dampened by the drafting of Jahmyr Gibbs
  • Overall, a strategic move to replace Williams with a superior player and hinder a division rival

Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes' best off-season move so far

Earlier in the offseason, Holmes made a huge move when he secured the services of former Chicago Bears running back David Montgomery, leaving fans curious about the fate of Jamaal Williams. While many Lions supporters were optimistic about Williams' return, the lure of free agency beckoned him to explore other opportunities after an impressive performance last season. The news of Montgomery's signing marked a clear shift in the team's plans, highlighting his exceptional skills and potential impact.

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Williams' departure, though disappointing to some, has raised questions about the extent of his value within the Lions' “culture.” Despite turning down a similar deal to Montgomery's, Williams publicly criticized the Lions' offer as “disrespectful” upon joining the New Orleans Saints. This suggests that any perceived loss to team chemistry may be overstated. Additionally, early signs indicate that Montgomery will seamlessly integrate into the team's dynamic.

While the arrival of Montgomery slightly overshadowed his individual production potential, the Lions' astute move to acquire him remains commendable. By upgrading from Williams to a more talented player, Holmes not only strengthened the Lions' roster but also weakened a division rival in a single masterstroke.

David Montgomery Detroit Lions OTAs Brad Holmes

The Bottom Line – A Game-Changing Decision

Brad Holmes' acquisition of David Montgomery stands as a testament to his commitment to improving the Detroit Lions' roster. The move not only addresses a crucial position but also sends a strong message to the team and fans about the organization's dedication to excellence. As the season unfolds, the impact of Holmes' decision will become increasingly evident, potentially setting the stage for a transformative era for the Lions.

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