Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes says Jahmyr Gibbs is going to be ’scary’ good in 2024

Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes says Jahmyr Gibbs is going to be ’scary’ good in 2024.

Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes says Jahmyr Gibbs is going to be ’scary’ good in 2024

The Detroit Lions have struck gold with Jahmyr Gibbs, as General Manager Brad Holmes' decision to draft the running back 12th overall has proven to be a masterstroke. Despite initial criticism for selecting a running back so high in the draft, Gibbs silenced skeptics by amassing over 1,000 scrimmage yards and earning a nomination for the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year. Holmes's end-of-season reflections emphasize Gibbs's quiet determination and impactful rookie season, hinting at an even brighter future for the Alabama standout in 2024.

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Brad Holmes Praises Jahmyr Gibbs

Here is what Holmes said above Gibbs:

“Silence, that’s a good word because he’s pretty silent himself. He’s not gonna say a whole lot but it’s who he is, that’s his make up,” Holmes said. “We selected Jahmyr Gibbs because he was just a special player, regardless of position, he was the right player. And for him to have the relationship that he had with David Montgomery and just the way those two fed onto each other. Scottie Montgomery teaching those guys, it takes everyone but I’m just so happy for Jahmyr.”

“Again, I’m just so excited. He’s gonna be better next year, like this was just scratching the surface of what he did this year,” Holmes explained. “Next year’s gonna be even better which is scary. But super proud of him and he’s so humble. He’s worked hard and he’s a perfect fit for us.” 

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Criticism Turned Acclaim: Jahmyr Gibbs exceeded expectations, transforming initial skepticism into widespread admiration with a standout rookie season.
  2. Holmes's High Hopes: Brad Holmes predicts an even more impressive performance from Gibbs in 2024, suggesting his rookie year was just the beginning.
  3. Foundation for Success: Alongside notable talents like Jared Goff, Amon-Ra St. Brown, and Penei Sewell, Gibbs is part of a core group poised to propel the Lions forward.
Jahmyr Gibbs catches game-winning TD

The Bottom Line – A Lion's Leap Forward

The Detroit Lions' future looks promising, with Jahmyr Gibbs at the forefront of an exciting young core. Brad Holmes's foresight in drafting Gibbs, coupled with his optimistic outlook for the running back's career, signals a new era for the team. As the Lions continue to nurture and develop their talent, the anticipation for what Gibbs and his teammates will achieve grows. With a blend of skill, humility, and competitiveness, Detroit is not just dreaming of success; they are methodically laying the foundation for it. As 2024 approaches, the prospect of Gibbs becoming even more ‘scary' good is a thrilling prospect for Lions fans and a testament to the team's bright future.

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