Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes weighs in on 2023 schedule

Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes recently discussed the team's 2023 NFL schedule and shared his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities it presents. Holmes believes that facing the Kansas City Chiefs in the season opener is the perfect test for his roster, allowing them to showcase their potential against a perennial championship contender. The game will be nationally televised, giving the Lions an opportunity to make a statement on a big stage.

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Key Points

  • Brad Holmes sees the Kansas City Chiefs as an ideal opponent for the Detroit Lions' season opener.
  • Holmes believes the game presents an opportunity for the roster to showcase their potential.
  • The Lions didn't have many prime-time games last season, but their success has led to increased recognition.
  • Holmes evaluates the schedule based on Week 1, the placement of the bye week, and the Thanksgiving game.
  • The Lions have received more prime-time games this season, indicating recognition for their progress.

Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes weighs in on 2023 schedule

During an appearance on SiriusXM NFL radio, Holmes acknowledged that last season, the Lions didn't have many prime-time games and were consistently scheduled for Sunday at 1 p.m. However, with some success now under their belt, Holmes is excited about the recognition the team is receiving and the opportunity to play high-profile games. He expressed confidence that the Lions will rise to the occasion and be ready for the challenge.

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From Sports Illustrated:

“We entered last season with really no primetime games on the slate,” said Holmes. “We were Sunday at 1 p.m. every week. And we said, ‘Okay, well, that's who we are, and we're going to do the best we can.' And so now, when you have a little bit of success, again, we still got a lot of work to do to get into the postseason. But, I'm glad that it's recognized. And, you start getting games like this. And, you can't be scared of it. You can't hide from it. You can't be intimidated. It's like, no, this is what we wanted. So, I think it's going to be a great test. It's very exciting. The opener, the kickoff (of 2023 season), primetime TV. And, I will say, I have no doubt that we'll be ready.”

The release of the NFL schedule has become an event in itself, with fans eagerly awaiting the announcement and various leaks occurring in the days leading up to it. Holmes, entering his third year as Detroit's general manager, shared his impression of the Lions' 2023 schedule and how he evaluates it. He emphasized the significance of Week 1 and the placement of the bye week, both of which are favorable for the Lions. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of the team's Thanksgiving tradition and expressed satisfaction with the recognition they have received through an increased number of prime-time games.

“We got the schedule released yesterday, and it came out pretty good, you know, with the primetime opportunities. (I) always look at when the schedule comes out, always look at Week 1, obviously,” said Holmes. “Who we got Week 1, and it's as good as it gets there. 

“Always kind of look at where that bye week is being placed. So having that bye in a really good sweet spot is going to be good for us,” Holmes continued. “And obviously for us, always look at with our Thanksgiving tradition, always look at who we got on the slate for Thanksgiving. But, you know, the amount of primetime games, coming back from after the Thanksgiving game, really none. Kind of seeing that, it's good that it's being noticed — the work that we're doing. And now, we got to just take advantage.” 

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Brad Holmes Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft

Bottom Line – A promising start to a new season

As the Detroit Lions prepare for the 2023 NFL season, Brad Holmes is optimistic about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs will be a chance for the Lions to prove their potential on a national stage. With increased recognition and prime-time games, the team is determined to continue its progress and make a mark in the league. Excitement builds as fans eagerly await the start of the new season and witness the Lions' journey toward success.

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