Detroit Lions HC Dan Campbell responds to Curse of Bobby Layne question

A member of the media actually took to the time to ask Detroit Lions HC Dan Campbell about his thoughts on the 'Curse of Bobby Layne'

It is well-documented that the Detroit Lions have only won a single playoff game since they won the 1957 NFL Championship Game, and, believe it or not, there are some people that actually think the franchise is cursed. That curse, of course, is the Curse of Bobby Layne and some think that is why the team has had such a little amount of success in the past 65 years or so. On Friday, Lions head coach Dan Campbell was asked by a reporter if he thinks the curse exists.

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What did Dan Campbell say about the ‘Curse of Bobby Layne'?

On Friday a member of the media actually took to the time to ask Campbell about his thoughts on the ‘Curse of Bobby Layne' and whether or not it is something he thinks about.

“I can’t go there,” Campbell said. “I’m not going to allow myself to go there. The more you buy into that, that's who you become.”

Campbell also said believing in the curse is an “excuse” and that he and his players “create their own vibe” and “mojo.”

Check out the video below for Campbell's full comments about the ‘Curse of Bobby Layne.'

What is the ‘Curse of Bobby Layne'?

The curse originated back in 1958 when the Lions traded Layne to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Following the trade, Layne reportedly put a “hex” on the Lions and that “hex” has been “the stuff of legend” ever since.

One person who claims to believe in the curse is Detroit sports superfan, Jeff Daniels.

“It really was it,” Daniels said of the curse and its effects on the Lions. “It has to be it. There is a curse. If you take the curse out of there, we have to accept the fact that we’re this bad. It’s easier for us who are die-hard Lions fans to go, ‘There is a curse.’”

Via Dave Birkett – Detroit Free Press

Nation, do you believe in the ‘Curse of Bobby Layne' or is it just an excuse?