Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell suffers injury

According to Bob Wojnowski of the Detroit News, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell was injured prior to training camp.

Training camp is underway for the Detroit Lions and head coach Dan Campbell has already been doing Dan Campbell things.

In fact, during the first Lions training camp practice, Campbell (and his coaches) joined the players in up-down drills.

As noted by Nick Baumgardner of The Athletic, Campbell had the wrist tape on for the drill.

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell suffers injury

Well, according to Bob Wojnowski of Detroit News, the reason why Dan Campbell had his wrist taped up is that he suffered an injury a few days before the start of training camp.

From Detroit News:

A few days before training camp, Dan Campbell took a tumble. He hurt his left wrist, which made him nervous. He had a reputation to uphold, an example to set, a team to lead.

When the Lions opened Wednesday, Campbell was ready. His wrist tightly taped, he stood alongside his players and dove into the traditional up-down drills – dropping to the turf, leaping up, dropping and leaping at a quickening pace.

“I don’t know how I’m surviving,” Campbell said afterward with a sweaty grin. “I said, I have to do them — I cannot, not do these up-downs. All the guys did it, credit to them. We don’t force anybody to do anything, they either buy in or they don’t. And those players have bought in.”

This should come as no surprise at all as Dan Campbell was always known as a tough guy who was willing to play through pain if he felt like he could help his team win.

Now, he is coaching through some pain.