Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia responds to Darius Slay’s recent comments

Darius Slay is not a big fan of Matt Patricia and that is the main reason why he wanted to be traded by the Detroit Lions.

In a recent interview with Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Slay revealed the one main interaction with Patricia which caused his not to respect his head coach.

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Birkett reached out to Patricia and got the following statement emailed back to him from a Lions spokesperson.

“Over the last two seasons, Darius and I have had multiple conversations in private that I believed were constructive and satisfactory,” the statement read. “My discussions with athletes are confidential and I won’t comment on anything discussed with our players in a team meeting. I appreciate his hard work and wish he and his family all the success in Philadelphia.”

Nation, how you feel about this whole situation?


Written by Arnold Powell

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