Detroit Lions not Hearing the Donkey Kong Suh Comments

Donkey Kong Suh. The entire Detroit area is talking about Cam Newton’s choice nickname for the Detroit Lions‘ star defensive tackle. That is, the entire Detroit area besides Ndamukong Suh.

Suh was set to address the media this week, but instead he played a facade to bail out of his appearance. Suh reportedly held his phone to his ear like he was on important phone call, and acted like he was unable to respond. It was clearly a farce, and it was one a bit funnier than the Cam Newton branded nickname.

Some fans have gone on the record to state that what Cam Newton said about Suh was disrespectful. Calling a man any name but his own is often considered harsh disrespect, especially to one like Ndamukong Suh. But surprisingly, Suh has kept an unbelievably calm head about the situation.

C.J. Mosley went on the record to say, “I didn’t think it was funny. Maybe he (Cam Newton) wants to talk to him closer, see him up close and personal.”

Ndamukong Suh likely did not think the childish nickname that the soon to be beleaguered quarterback bestowed upon him was funny, either. However, Suh is keeping his cool, for now.

It will definitely be interesting to see how this all plays out on the field on Sunday. The Detroit Lions defense only cares about one thing, and that is embarrassing the Carolina Panthers at home. One thing is for sure, Cam Newton picked the wrong defensive tackle to poke fun at on game week. Just ask Josh Sitton.

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47 thoughts on “Detroit Lions not Hearing the Donkey Kong Suh Comments”

  1. Does anyone learn from calling out the Lions that they retaliate 10 fold ” in game” every time someone calls out Johnson he puts up super stats what does he think he’s going to do by going after suh, a three sack night is coming!!!!

  2. :-/ Cam done messed up!!! Added motivation at game time….just keep the penalties to a minimum… :-/ Almond Joy

  3. I heard them & i want to know why its ok for cam newton to say that type of crap but if tony romo, payton manning, or rodgers made a comment like that they would be crucified

  4. Cam described himself as a broken down old Lemon Car, then he goes and provokes one of the most violent defenders in the league. he’s just asking for it hahah. on a side note, I been calling suh Donkeykong Suh forever it’s not like it’s new ;p

  5. Now if a white man called him Donkey Kong Suh considering that is a character in a video game that happens to be a gorilla it’ll be a big uproar in the media yet it’s perfectly ok for black man to label another black man such a degrading and insulting thing.

  6. I’m so glad Suh isn’t playing into this media frenzy!!
    He’s way more intelligent than given credit for, and not the thug people want to peg him for.
    I would love to see him scoop Cam up like a ballerina princess and lay him gently on the field hahaha
    A clean game and a decisive win, Lions, GGOOOOO!!!

  7. Cam might be looking like Mario getting run over by Donkey Kong’s barrels come Sunday. Just go ask Josh Sitton with GB.

  8. REALLY? ??? AS adults we have prob. Been called worse. Pay me their salaries and you can call me whatever! !!!!! Suh is a BEAST!!!! A GREAT player. Id be more concerned about a championship than a name. Moving right along…….

  9. You would have to be black to understand. It’s just like white people who say they are tired of hearing about racism, black people are tired of experiencing it.

  10. But it’s ok for black people to get upset if a white person says it, but it’s perfectly fine if said by a black person? Wait, so it’s because of my skin color?? And growing up in predominantly black neighborhoods, I’m pretty sick of the experience myself.

  11. I dont think its ok for anybody to say racially offensive remarks to anybody. I have always lived in mixed neighborhoods of many cultures & races. Growing up i was raised treat people how you want to be treated. But i dont like double standards or different rules for different people. & maybe cam newton didnt mean the remark to be racial so much as suh is huge & angry & so was donkey kong but if cam was white would the remark be viewed differently. As soon as i heard it i was caught off guard.

  12. It’s funny everybody loves Sue out of nowhere. A few weeks ago everybody was calling him every name in the books. And crying for the Lions to cut him. #bandwagonfans

  13. Its not ok that he said that even if he is black it was rude and disrespectful. But gonna smash him if he was black or

  14. Has he not met SUH ! Oh wait yes he has in Detroit Suh got to him and layed him down harshly obviously can has forgotten who he’s dealing with he better watch his back for Ansah to him and Suh are animals

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