Detroit Lions hold ‘coachless’ practice in Allen Park

According to reporter Dannie Rogers, the Detroit Lions went through an entire player lead practice on Monday.

Following their 27-26 win over the Indianapolis Colts in their second preseason game of the year, the Detroit Lions were back at it on Monday in Allen Park as they shift their gears to preseason game No. 3 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Lions held a practice on Monday but according to OT Taylor Decker, it was coachless.

According to Lions' reporter Dannie Rogers, the Lions went through an entire player lead practice.

“No coaches were on the field besides Campbell,” Rogers tweeted. “He quietly observed. Taylor Decker said it was a unique practice and he's never experienced one like it before.”

Why Detroit Lions' preseason wins matter to Dan Campbell

When it comes to winning preseason games, most coaches probably don't put much stock into it one way or another but that is not the case when it comes to Detroit Lions head coach, Dan Campbell.

“It’s important. It’s very important,” Campbell said. “And especially with a young team and just where we’ve been, where we’re coming from and where we began to go at the end of the season. Man, it’s got to be part of our DNA, it’s got to become part of who we are and we have to embrace every moment and treat it like it’s your last moment. Because if you don’t and you just kind of accept it, then you’ll just be average or above average and that’s not good enough in this league.”

Lions quarterback David Blough, who is currently competing with Tim Boyle for the No. 2 job behind Jared Goff, agrees with his coach.

“(Winning is) what we want to be about,” Blough said. “It doesn’t matter where we play you, when we play you, we want to win. And preseason obviously, at least last week we felt like we had one in our hands and tonight was different because we capitalized on our opportunities and winning is important. And it starts, I know it’s preseason, but you’ve got to win.

“If you want to be a winner, you’ve got to win. And so it’s all the way through. That’s what Dan’s trying to instill in us and a lot of young guys, players, made great plays to allow that to happen.”