Detroit Lions: Jamaal Williams ‘pissed’ after ‘Key and Peele’ penalty [Video]

If you happened to tune in for Sunday’s game between the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings, you most likely saw Lions’ running back Jamaal Williams score a touchdown and celebrate by doing the following dance.

Unfortunately, for Williams and the Lions, a flag was thrown and the Lions were given an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Detroit Lions: Jamaal Williams ‘pissed’ after ‘Key and Peele’ penalty [Video]

On Monday, Jamaal Williams spoke to reporters and he said he was “pissed” that a penalty was called for his celebration.

“It’s not even thrusting. It’s more like a wave. … I’ve been getting away with it for all these years but now they want to bust me for it. I was pissed. I was sad and disappointed in myself because I gave the team a penalty,” Williams said.

Jamaal Williams added that it is a celebration that he has been doing “forever” and that he has never been penalized for it.

“I’ve been doing that forever, that’s why I was tripping — I thought it was a holding call or something. I’m like, did they just flag me for doing the dance that I’ve been doing forever? Literally, forever. Before ‘Key and Peele,’ before all the little hip — oh I almost cussed — before all the hip stuff, I’ve been doing this forever,” Williams said.

In case you have never seen the ‘Key and Peele’ Hingle McCringleberry skit, here ya go.

Nation, do you think Detroit Lions running back Jamaal Williams should have been penalized for his end zone celebration on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings?

Written by W.G. Brady

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