Detroit Lions land Jimmy Garoppolo and Deebo Samuel in suggested trade

    After suffering through a tough 3-13-1 regular season in 2021, the Detroit Lions are hoping to bounce back in 2022.

    In fact, across the nation, there are quite a few people who believe the Lions could be a team that could go from worst to first if they can stay healthy and get some help from the Green Bay Packers.

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    Personally, I am not so sure the Lions can overtake the Packers in 2022 but one local blogger has suggested a trade that would help the cause…in the short term

    Jacob Phillips of Side Lion Report suggested on Friday a “swing for the fences” move the Lions could try to make if they want to make a run in 2022.

    Here is the trade offer that would land the Detroit Lions with Jimmy Garoppolo and Deebo Samuel and send Jared Goff (and multiple first-round picks) to the San Francisco 49ers.

    Detroit Lions trade for Jimmy Garoppolo and Deebo Samuel
    49ers Receive: 2023 & 2024 1st-Round Picks, 2023 4th-round pick, QB Jared Goff

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    While it’s unlikely the Lions would be able to trade for Garoppolo and Samuel, and Garoppolo is only a fit if they part ways with Goff, it would certainly be a move made with contention in mind.

    The Lions make this move believing that Garoppolo can stay healthy and be consistent, and with a deal in place to extend Samuel all but signed, sealed and deliverd. They would theoretically upgrade at the quarterback position, and add one of the premier skill position players in the league to an already emerging group.

    While the Lions would be giving up two premium picks with a third pick tacked on, it isn’t enough to destroy their future and they would have an offense that could rival that of the Minnesota Vikings (or Green Bay Packers) in the NFC North.

    Nation, would you make this trade if you were Detroit Lions GM, Brad Holmes? It would be a HARD pass for me and I am shocked it is even being suggested.

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      • Are you crazy!! Please let this happen!! JImmy and Debos for GOFF and draft picks with the weapons we already have. No one would stop our offense.

    1. Niner fan here. Anybody saying they would pass on this deal is delusional. Detroit has been the laughing stock forever. Jimmy and Deebo would be godsends for that team. Super Bowl caliber players that know each other well.

    2. Hell no!!!
      That is Short sighted, reeks of impatience and will destroy any cap space Detroit has worked for. Of course san Fran likes the deal b/c they can unload a player they don’t want and another who does not want to play for them. Not a surprising this deal was suggested by a49er fan.

      • Agree with you about this as a bad move. Stay the course.
        Jimmy is not even an upgrade. Deebo is great but we are pretty well set as soon as Williams is ready to go.
        NO DEAL!

    3. It was one thing to bring up this nonsense before the draft, but now? Just stupid and useless.

    4. This is crazy. It’s a fantasy. It’s not realistic. It’s clickbait. A)Goff is Holmes guy-he continues to show that he thinks he can win with him. B)Why in the heck would 49ers trade one problem for another?! They traded 3 picks to get Lance! That’s their future. Yeah, sure, like they’d take on Goff’s bigger salary. Oh and lose Deebo too. This is COMICAL and unacceptable to put this stuff out there. I fell for the trick. I clicked. I’m admitting it like a man. But I’ve made my points. Is this journalism now? Yikes!

      • Uuuh. Detroit Lion fan here. Debo is a beast. Grappalo is waaaay more aggressive in the pocket. 3-13-1. Lets do this

    5. Niners fan. Trading for Deebo doesn’t solve the underlying issue. You drafted pass rush for a reason. Outside of Jameson, the Lions knew their holes were on defense. Great so you become the #5 best offensive team and #29th worst defense, instead of the #8th best and #29th worst. A problem Deebo doesn’t solve.

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