Detroit Lions land No. 1 pick in proposed 2023 NFL Draft trade


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We are in mid-December, and believe it or not, our Detroit Lions are still in the NFL playoff hunt. Repeat, with just four games remaining the Lions still have a shot at making the playoffs! With that being said, Todd McShay has released his first 2023 NFL Mock Draft, which means it is open season for all things regarding the 2023 Draft. In my opinion, the Lions should do whatever they can to land the No. 1 overall pick so they can select Will Anderson out of Alabama.

2023 NFL Draft Detroit Lions

How could the Detroit Lions land the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft?

*Note: Picks used in this simulation are as they stand following Week 14 of the 2022 NFL regular season

As it stands, the Houston Texans have the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, and it is a safe bet that they will still be there when the regular season ends. Just about everyone on planet earth believes the Texans will select QB Bryce Young out of Alabama if they stay at No. 1.

That being said, the Lions currently hold the No. 4 overall pick and the No. 15 overall pick, and my dream is that they land Will Anderson. The problem is that even if the Texans take Young at No. 1, there is no way Anderson would get past the No. 2 and No. 3 picks (currently held by the Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears), as both of those teams would almost certainly take him.

Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft 2023 NFL Mock Draft

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But what if the Texans could move down a few slots, still land Bryce Young, and get some extra draft capital in the process?

Well, as you are about to see in the proposed draft trade I put together, the Lions would, in fact, move up to No. 1, and the Texans would still get Young with the No. 4 pick.

Proposed Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft Trade:

Detroit Lions receive: No. 1 overall pick

Houston Texans receive: No. 4 overall pick, No. 15 overall pick, and 4th Round pick in 2024.

Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft
Detroit Lions 2023 NFL Draft
Draft done via Pro Football Focus

According to the DraftTek 2023 NFL Draft Chart, the No. 1 overall pick is worth 3000 points, while the No. 4 (1800), No. 15 (1050), and 2024 fourth-round pick (estimated 75 points) are worth a total of 2925 points.

Now, you may ask, why would the Texans trade the No. 1 overall pick and risk losing out on their No. 1 target (likely Bryce Young)?

Well, it's rather simple. Chances are that the Seahawks (No. 2 overall pick) and Bears (No. 3 overall pick) are both going to select a defensive player when they are on the clock. If the Texans are convinced that will be the case, AND they trust that the Lions are trading up to take Will Anderson, it would be an easy decision to move down to No. 4, gain two additional picks, AND still land Bryce Young.

Nation, would you like to see the Lions give up draft capital for Will Young?

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  1. I understand this is from December 14th but I’ve not yet seen anybody think the way I have so I gotta commend you for this article!! 100% we need to move up from #6 to #1 and take Will Anderson he is like a throw back player and matches the mold of what Dan Campbell is looking for and that’s a kneecap biting player (Damn I wish I could swear when describing him lol) Now when you made the article Detroit was at the number 4 spot but obviously that’s changed and now we’re at number 6 so it would change the dynamics of the trade and what we have to give up but that’s why we made these trades for these draft picks for a year like this now we thought it would be the quarterback but it’s obviously changed because Goff is that guy he proved this year by busting his butt off but we need to use these picks and hit a home run and get will Anderson I understand DE Houston flashed at the end of the season but even if he does turn out to be a Star and one heck of a steal of that draft but you could have Aiden Hutchinson, Will Anderson and Houston wrecking havoc on opposing offenses!! With Will Anderson playing OLB and him being more athletic then Hutchinson and Houston is prolly better suited to play OLB on the Lions D.. And if our season next year ends with us being in the playoffs we might not even have to give up the number 18 pick we could probably just give them number 6 and then next year’s 1st round draft pick with us hopefully saving 2 of those 2nd round picks this year and obviously keeping the 18th pick.. What ya think Detroit nation fans 🤔 ?!?!

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