Detroit Lions leak information to ESPN regarding No. 3 pick

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Just after 4:30 PM ET this afternoon, ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted out that Jacksonville Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell just called Detroit Lions GM Bob Quinn about trading for the No. 3 pick in tonight’s NFL Draft.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk just published a piece that brings to light the fact that unless ESPN is tapping phone lines, the Lions took a call from the Jaguars and then immediately leaked that information to Schefter.

Florio suggests this shows a couple of things.

From Pro Football Talk:

There’s nothing wrong with trying to goose the market. But the fact that the Lions leaked something to ESPN that unless ESPN were tapping the phone lines it wouldn’t have known about shows that: (1) the Lions have yet to receive an offer that they’ve accepted; and (2) they’re being creative and aggressive in an effort to make sure that the other 31 teams know that the third pick in the draft remains for sale.

It’s possible the Lions have a bird in the hard for third pick. But they’re trying to do even better. And we’ll find out within the next few hours whether they succeed.

We are less than 3 hours away from the start of the NFL Draft and we will soon know exactly what the Lions decide to do with the No. 3 pick.