Detroit Lions learn of adjusted salary cap space for 2023

The NFL has released the official adjusted salary cap figures for all 32 teams for 2023. The Detroit Lions have gained some extra cap room after adding unused cap space from 2022 to their initial base cap figure of $224.8 million. Deductions for various players' incentive bonuses leave the Lions with a new adjusted cap of $227,209,702 (according to Spotrac), an increase of $2.8 million. With this adjustment, the Lions now rank 20th in total cap space.

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Key points:

  • NFL releases adjusted salary cap figures for 2023
  • Detroit Lions add unused cap space from 2022 to their base cap figure
  • Deductions for players' incentive bonuses leaves the Lions with a new adjusted cap of $227,209,702
  • The lions' adjusted cap space ranks 20th in the league

The Big Picture: How adjusted cap space affects Detroit Lions decisions  

The extra cap space gained by the Lions could give the team more flexibility to make roster moves, such as signing free agents or extending contracts for existing players. This increase could be beneficial in a highly competitive league, where even small adjustments in cap space can make a significant difference in a team's performance. Overall, the Lions now have a little more wiggle room to make moves that could positively impact their future.  

Adjusted Salary Cap By the Numbers

  • Initial base cap figure: $224.8 million
  • New adjusted cap space: $227,209,702
  • Increase in cap space: $2.8 million
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Adjusted cap space is an essential metric for teams to consider when making decisions regarding their roster. It provides a better picture of a team's financial situation, allowing for more precise planning and decision-making.  

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