Detroit Lions legend Barry Sanders is ‘hopeful’ that D’Andre Swift brings it at NFL level

For the second time in three years, the Detroit Lions selected a running back with their second-round pick in the NFL Draft. Three years ago, the Lions selected Kerryon Johnson out of Auburn, and this year, they went with D’Andre Swift out of Georgia.

Swift, was considered by many to be the best running back in the Class of 2020 and Detroit Lions legend Barry Sanders agrees and is hopeful that Swift’s talent translates to the NFL.

From ESPN:

“He’s a big-play kid, you know, and it’ll be interesting just to see how much he is able to come into the system that he is in with the Lions and have an impact,” Sanders said. “We’ve got some pretty good running backs already. Will he come in and distinguish himself as the guy?

“I don’t know what their thinking is as far as that, but just as far as the talent, he’s right up there with the kid from Wisconsin, Jonathan Taylor. He’s slippery. He’s made a lot of big runs. He breaks tackles well and has good speed.”

“Can you bring that same kind of success to the NFL is always the question,” Sanders said. “He’s one of the top running backs in college this year and the kid knows how to get yards.

“So it’ll be, ‘Hey look, will that translate and can that transfer to this level?’ So I’m hopeful.”

Nation, how good do you think Swift will be at the NFL level? Will he be a better RB than Jonathan Taylor?

What do you think?

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