Detroit Lions linked to WR Kenny Golladay

When analyzing what the Detroit Lions roster should look like for Week 1 of the 2023 season, there is a piece of the puzzle missing. That piece is WR Jameson Williams, who has been suspended six games for violating NFL's gambling policy. With Williams out for over a third of the season, Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports seems to believe that bringing back Kenny Golladay makes sense.

Kenny Golladay Detroit Lions

A Potential Reunion on the Horizon?

Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Kenny Golladay's stint with the New York Giants did not go as planned. After a disappointing tenure with the Giants, there are rumors of a potential reunion between Golladay and his former team, the Detroit Lions. Could Golladay find his way back to the Motor City?

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Why It Matters: The Possibility of Golladay's Return

Kenny Golladay's time with the New York Giants was marred by injuries and limited production. Despite signing a lucrative free-agent contract in 2021, Golladay struggled to make an impact during his two seasons in New York. The Giants ultimately decided to part ways with him, creating an opportunity for him to explore new possibilities.

In a recent CBS Sports article discussing potential free agent matches, Golladay returning to the Detroit Lions was identified as a logical option. The Lions, under new leadership and with quarterback Jared Goff at the helm, are seeking to build a competitive offense and make a playoff run. Golladay's size and abilities as a secondary receiving option could be valuable additions to their arsenal.

Almost nothing went right for Golladay once he cashed in on his Detroit emergence back in 2021 free agency,” Benjamin wrote. “But the ex-Giant's big frame would be welcome as more of a secondary option now that the Lions have their sights set on a playoff run, especially with Jameson Williams suspended to start the year.

However, Golladay's passion and dedication for the game have been questioned, which might give the current coaching staff some reservations. If he can demonstrate a renewed commitment to contributing and performing at a high level, a return to Detroit, where he initially found success, could make sense for both parties involved.

Kenny Golladay New York Giants Detroit Lions

The Bottom Line – A Reunion Worth Considering?

While the possibility of Kenny Golladay returning to the Detroit Lions raises intrigue, it ultimately hinges on various factors. Golladay's desire to reclaim his form, the coaching staff's evaluation of his commitment, and the team's overall offensive strategy will play significant roles in determining whether this reunion materializes. Time will tell if Golladay's journey leads him back to where his NFL career began. Personally, I don't see how taking a flier on Golladay would be the worst idea possible as he would almost certainly be signed to a cheap, one-year prove-it deal.

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  1. Are you Stupid or do you want the Lion’s to fail? He proved it his entire carer in the NFL a fricken waste!


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