Detroit Lions lose major ground in NFL waiver claim priority

Raise your hand if you thought the Detroit Lions would still be undefeated after the first three weeks of the 2019 NFL season.

Well, whether or not you thought it would happen, the Lions sit at 2-0-1 and they are one of eight remaining teams in the league who are undefeated.

Winnings can bring great rewards but there is also one (minor) downfall of having one of the top records in the league.

Effective on Tuesday, the NFL's waiver claim order will be based off 2019 records, rather than 2018. The order is created in reverse order of the current NFL standings.

Since the Lions are 2-0-1, they currently have the 8th best record in the NFL, which means their waiver priority is now No. 25 out of 32 teams.

Heading into the season, since the Lions finished 6-10, their waiver priority was No. 8.

The Lions may have lost major ground when it comes to waiver priority but we are pretty sure ALL Lions fans would prefer the team keep winning!