Detroit Lions’ Matt Patricia drops 600-word explanation as to why he is always late

The most recent news coming from Detroit Lions beat writers has had very little to do with the game of football. Instead, the talk of the town has been about how Lions’ rookie head coach Matt Patricia seems to be late for everything.

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On Friday, Patricia met with reporters and he dropped a 600-word explanation to defend his lack of punctuality.

From MLive:

“It’s probably hard from an outside perspective,” Patricia said. “I don’t really focus too much on what’s said outside the building or from someone who’s not here. We have a lot of really good dialect inside the building and what happens behind closed doors, for our team as an organization. There’s a lot of feedback from the players and the staffs and the coaches and everyone’s held accountable.

“We have a very tight schedule. We run a very structured schedule. With those situations, it’s constantly being evaluated and there’s constant feedback that comes back to try to improve it from that situation. I think the big point of that would be there’s going to be certain situations that come up where, and I’ve said this before, one of the hardest things or the most difficult things in the advice I got is that when there’s a situation where someone comes to you with a problem, I try to address that problem as the most important thing for me at that time, which I do, and to spend the time to make sure I clear that up in whatever facet of the organization. Sometimes that happens and you might be a couple seconds late to something here or there.”

“Some things might not always go off when the clock ticks in a certain direction, but it’s not a — just to make sure we get the response right here — it’s not a situation where we’re talking 20 or 30, it might be a minute that causes a delay, but that’s standard and a pretty understood thing when people are working in a tight schedule and we adapt to those things,” Patricia said. “The players are great, too, because we might have to move some things around. We might have a meeting that goes a little longer because there’s a point that needs to be made or a practice drill that goes a little bit longer.

“The good part about it is that’s how we operate and that’s the world we work in. It’s kind of similar to how the game works. There’s going to be things in the game that we’ve gotta adapt to and respond to and handle. The better you can do that then the better you can make those adjustments, too.”

“What we do and how we operate with the schedule with the tightness and the structure of it with everyone in the building from the video department to the staff to the coaches to the players, it’s kind of a situation where you adapt and you move on,” he said. “I don’t really think it’s anything other than that.”

What do you think, Nation? Are you buying what Matt Patricia is selling? Is he cut out to be a head coach in the NFL?

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