Detroit Lions named as landing spot for Derrick Henry

The Detroit Lions were able to field one of the best offenses in the NFL last season, despite limited efficiency in the run game at various points. However, with the possibility of losing Jamaal Williams, the team could end up needing another power running back for the 2023 season. Rob Leeds of A to Z Sports believes Tennessee Titans' All-Pro and Pro Bowl RB Derrick Henry would be a great fit for the Lions, and acquiring him could bring Detroit one of the top-five rushing attacks in the league.

Derrick Henry Detroit Lions

Key points:

  • Writer believes Lions could look to add Derrick Henry if Jamaal Williams leaves
  • Henry is an All-Pro and Pro Bowler RB
  • Acquiring Henry could improve the Lions' rushing attack to a top-five level
  • Henry's potential acquisition could help the Lions become one of the better teams in the league
  • The trade compensation for Henry could be attainable for the Lions

The Big Picture: Detroit Lions suggested as landing spot for Derrick Henry

In today's pass-heavy NFL, some may argue that the value of a strong rushing attack has decreased. However, a reliable run game is still crucial in achieving success on the field. A powerful running back can provide balance to an offense and help control the clock, keeping the opposing team's offense off the field. Acquiring a player like Henry could greatly improve the Lions' run game and make them a more competitive team overall.

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From A to Z Sports:

A player like Derrick Henry would improve 29 other rushing attacks immediately, and the Lions should be salivating at the news that the Titans are looking for a partner in a trade for the All-Pro and Pro Bowler.

It would be a surprising move to see a team like the Titans move on from such a pivotal offensive player, but the Lions should still jump either way if they get a chance.

If you look at it from a few different angles, Henry may not be as expensive for the Lions as some fans would think. This would be a one-year deal for whoever makes the move, and the money involved (for both teams) could bring the overall pick value down to an attainable level for a team like the Lions.

The Bottom Line – Henry would be a game-changer for Lions

In conclusion, the potential acquisition of Derrick Henry could be a game-changer for the Detroit Lions. He is a dominant force in the NFL and would greatly improve the team's run game. While the trade compensation may be steep, the Lions have a chance to improve and make a deep run in the playoffs with a player like Henry leading the way in the backfield. Personally, I don't think the Titans will trade Henry, and even if they do, it would be surprising to see Brad Holmes make a big splash in free agency.

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